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Team Power Skating & Conditioning

Now Accepting Participants

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
We can be reached by Telephone at (613) 978-2359 or you can email us at
   Download a copy of our Team Power Skating & Conditioning flyer. You may need to download Adobe Reader to view the flyer.

Skate Faster is now offering Team Power Skating & Conditioning
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  • Program Cost: $150.00 per session
We recommend that two teams sign-up together to share the costs.

There has always been some confusion as to what Power Skating is. Power skating was designed to improve and master skating techniques for hockey players. It is however not a miracle program. Like they say: "What you put in, is what you get out." You cannot expect to take one power skating lesson and then become a superstar, it takes time, practice, and dedication to become an excellent skater. Power skating is not only for straight line acceleration, but for all skating skill areas including backward skating, tight glide turns, forward and backward crossovers. So the end result of power skating lessons with Skate Faster means a complete skater in all areas!

Our target group are participants from Atom to Midget and Novice. By teaching children of that age, we can hope to correct newly formed habits before they become too difficult to correct. Please note that this is not a "Learn to skate" program.

To register for this program you can do one of the following:

  • Call (613) 978-2359 and register by phone.
  • pickup a flyer and registration form available at Ray Friel Recreation Center (either at any advertizing location or at the Final Pass Pro-Shop).
  • print out our flyer and fill out the registraion form

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