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The following are testimonies sent into us for use on our website:

Embrun Panthers Atom B team would like to thank Mike and Corey for helping us out with Power Skating this winter. Taught in both official languages for the benefit of the kids.

We would like to take this opportunity to pay our respect to both Mike and Corey Morel for their outstanding Power Skating Clinics over the past two weeks. The kids loved your infectious attitude!!!

Over the course of three separate sessions on the ice, your commitment to the kids and professional attitude was instrumental in the development of each players skating abilities. Our coaching staff & kids have seen a marked improvement in our last few games. We will ensure that our practices are filled with your drills so that we get the best results possible.

The Embrun Panthers Atom B team highly recommend that every team in Ottawa apply for the next available Power Skating clinic from Skate Faster.
  From: Gilles Fortin   Team: Embrun Panthers

Keep up your excellent work guys and best of luck!

Best regards.

I just wanted to let you how pleased we were with 2 of your programs that we enrolled our son Bryan in this year. First, he was in your Wed night program in May and June, and then he was in the power skating last week. We definitely saw Bryan improve his skills from these 2 sessions. We will recommend your programs to others. Thank you.
  From: Kathie Jones

Thank You to all the staff at Skate Faster. I have registered my boys for numerous camps, and yours has so far proven to be the best. After an entire summer of Skate Faster sessions Darius and Leander actually miss coming out to your camps and miss the high intensity and personal touch.

Thanks a bunch to you and all your team. Cory absolutely loved the camp and can't wait to go back. We will no doubt be visiting the store to help with these adjustments. Also I am anxious to register Cory for the next camp.

Superbe semaine!

Merci pour cette belle opportunité ! Mon garçon Mathieu a vraiment aimé le camp, car il a pu amélioré ses techniques de gardien de but !!! Merci et à bientôt !
  From: Marie-Josée Chénier

Just wanted to say thanks for the hockey clinics that Skate Faster offered this summer. I really enjoyed the clinics and noticed that the monitors were really taking time to teach and correct the techniques shown to the kids. What impressed me a lot was that the drills were very fast, even the drills with the puck seemed to have power skating emphasis in them. I appreciated you guys letting Sebastien skate with the older group, it really pushed him and I can honestly say that his stick handling and skating has improved and its also showing among his team mates. The Player Profile and the Custom Radius sharpening is a must for all players who take pride in skating techniques, I've notice a big difference.
  From: Pierre Despatie, Ottawa

It is AWESOME !!!!!
  From: Cassandra Maier, Ottawa

Megan will definitely be at you're camp in the summer!!! All she talks about is you?re camp these days!!!!! I also have several other players interested. Please keep up the great work. THANKS AGAIN FOR MY DAUGHTERS EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE AND SEE YOU IN THE SUMMER.

I do believe I was one of the first people to come to these guys and I must say I was impressed with the work they did. They first realized my blade was to small (which had crossed my mind a few times to change it) and thats why I kept falling. So after they changed the blade and balanced it and all that jazz. They then mentioned contouring, so my next sharping consisted of a contouring and they did an amazing job. I do plan on going back and fine tuning my skates as soon as I can. Keep up the good work guys.
  From: Jordan Bilmer, Ottawa, ON

Just letting you guys know that Kevin contoured my blades last week and did a GREAT job! I noticed a big difference as soon as I stepped on the ice. It was like night and day. I have better balance and my cuts are sharper. My teammates noticed that my stride is smoother too. I am going to tell everyone I know who plays hockey (or for that matter just likes to skate) that your contouring definitely improves ones skating. My son had his skates done too and I noticed a big difference in his skating. This will definitely help his game. Thank you.
  From: David Rondeau, Ottawa, ON

My experience with Fastrax has been extraordinary we do a lot of skating drills in sledge hockey and it make cornering much easier. It also reduces the friction during a game therefore I use less energy to skate in
return giving us more energy for later in the game. As a Certified Fitness Consultant I can see the benefit of Fastrax for anyone playing hockey. Thanks to Mike Morel for allowing us to try Fastrax out on our tournament team
it's been great.
  From: Peter J. Morel, Ottawa, ON   Team: Ottawa Barbarians Sledge Hockey

I do see a big difference. Turning and pivoting is better.
  From: Bob

I cannot thank you enough for what you did for my daughter's skates.

First of all, finding out that there was a problem with the skate (holder and blade too short for the boot). That night I started to read your pamphlet you took the time to explain to me what you could do for my daughter's skate (profile, radius). She would be able to finish her shift, less muscle fatigue, etc. You also mentioned that by using the Fastrax, there would be less friction on the blade, which is true. My daughter loves skating even more with those skates, especially since it's the right holder and blade.

The night you sharpened her skate for the first time, she was amazed because she asked me what you had done to her skates. She said that she had never skated with skates like this! She has more energy, she is able to finish
her shifts and even the coach has to call her back to the bench!

Even Vanessa's coach noticed the different when she is skating. I mentioned the Fastrax to the coach and he was aware of this product.

I'm not afraid to tell people around me about your skate's sharpening skills
(you and your staff) and your Fastrax product. Thank you again, to you and your staff!

  From: Luc, Carole, and Vanessa Godard

Both Hannah and I are very pleased with the results of the profiling that you did on our skates. We both found a significant improvement in our skates. My daughters first comment was that "it was easier to skate". Her pivoting became much more graceful and smooth as well and she seems to have better balance on the ice.

As for me it got rid of a wobble in one skate and with the addition of the Fastrax I am finding that there is a much better glide to my skates.

Thank you very much for you help with our skates we will never take our skates anywhere else.

  From: Brad and Hannah Robeson, Ottawa, ON

Wow! What a difference
  From: Joe Mainville, Ontario

I was in your shop at Ray Friel during the Bell Cup and i tried your Fastrax and it worked great!
  From: Adam Roberts, Abbotsford, BC

A friend told me I should get my skates checked out so I took them in to
Hockey One to get looked at. Mike Morel watched me skate and then said I should get a custom radius and balancing done on them. After getting back on the ice i noticed a
difference immediately. The biggest difference for me was how much easier and more
effective I could jump into my crossovers. I had much more power kicking off when I
crossed over. Same goes for backwards skating, when I come in to angle a guy off or
go to hip check him it was a lot easier and I didn't have to think about it. Also
pivoting was much smoother. Overall I am very satisfied and I feel it improved my
game immensely.
  From: Kevin Halliday, Ottawa, ON

I just want to send a note to share how much our daughter really enjoyed the Skate Faster March Break Camp. Your staff made this a very memorable and learning experience for her and the drills provided were great. She has already used a few of the learned drills on the ice and I know she has a few stored away for the perfect opportunity to use them.

The whole experience from a parent prospective was very professional and relaxing knowing they were in great hands and big smiles when we arrived at the end of the day with a non-stop breakdown of the day's events. The hot meals and healthy snacks were also great.

Thanks again and look forwarding to see you all this summer.
  From: Jeannette and John Valenzuela

Megan will definataly be at you're camp in the summer!!! All she talks about is youre camp these days!!!!! I also have several other players interested. Please keep up the great work. THANKS AGAIN FOR MY DAUGHTERS EXCELLENT EXPERENCE AND SEE YOU IN THE SUMMER.
  From: Don Fournier, Ottawa

Thanks for the feedback on Josh's skates. Josh had a great time at the camp and we will be coming back this summer. You and your staff were wonderful with the kids and Josh came home every night telling us what he learned and what a great day he had. Ge couldn't wait to go back the next day. As I had mentioned, I was a bit hesitant to register Josh considering that the first time he ever put on hockey equipment (and has skated very few times) on was on March 1st 2007, but we are glad we did and have noticed a great improvement.

  From: Jenn

Thanks a bunch to you and all your team. Cory absolutely loved the camp and can't wait to go back. We will no doubt be visiting the store to help with these adjustments. Also I am anxious to register Cory for the camp the week of July 23rd to the 27th and possibly another week.
  From: Jennifer Young

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